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About Michaela
Michaela is a native Austrian living in Salzburg for more than 20 years and has spent several years in the tourism industry. She holds an Interior Design degree from the University of California, Los Angeles and worked as a Designer during her stay in the United States. After moving to Salzburg Michaela studied to become a certified Austria Guide. She has over 10 years of knowledge as a tourist guide and gained a great understanding in the culture, traditions, history and culinary life of Salzburg. She wants to convey a precise picture of Salzburg’s unique history focusing on baroque architecture and modern urban artworks. She also enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for W.A. Mozart and loves to show known and unknown sites related to his life. For all food lovers Michaela created tours to introduce local specialties and to taste famous handmade chocolates, desserts, local produced drinks or traditional dishes. Her aim is to pass on insider knowledge about the local life style, introduce unique places to her guests and give them a great local experience.
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