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Sites and Insights: An Expert-Led Lisbon Welcome Tour
About Monica
Born & raised in Lisbon, Mónica is an architect-urbanist [with a master in Architecture Urban & Territorial Planning @Technical University of Lisbon] and since 2004 she is a member of the Portuguese Architects’ Guild. Monica first practiced in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and then lived/worked in China for 12 years [in Beijing'06-'09 and Shanghai '09-'18]. Currently back to Lisbon, living in Graça's historic district, she is managing architectural renovation projects, or producing cultural events, and has a research focus on housing rehabilitation, community-led housing, real-estate and prop-tech. As an architecture guide, she aspires to bring a unique sense and context to the city's past and present developments, along with a broad knowledge regarding architectural, cultural and political histories. Exploring the city's centre, Monica brings a specific focus on its local gems, along with great interest in the city's (Jewish) culture, global outreach and local neighbourhoods. When free, Mónica drives Portugal's lesser know roads, exploring (southern) countryside villages, beaches and rural simpler food cultures.
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