About Niccolo
Niccolo is a university professor in Tokyo, where he teaches courses on the contemporary Japanese society, agri-food systems, agriculture and rural revitalization in Japan. Originally from Italy, his infatuation with Japan began with anime and manga as a child. He resided in Japan for over six years in total in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagano prefecture. Niccolo earned a doctoral degree in Social Anthropology from Oxford University with a dissertation on the revitalization of rural communities in Japan. His first book titled ‘Becoming a farmer in contemporary Japan’ was recently published. Before relocating to Tokyo in 2023, Niccolo started and managed for three years an organic farm in Italy based on the principles of regenerative agriculture. He is passionate about food, manga, and science fiction literature. His favorite activity in Tokyo is going to live events in Shimokitazawa near where he lives.
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