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About Ricardo
With a background in Architecture (University of Porto) and a postgraduate degree in Sociology (MPhil Cities Programme - London School of Economics and Political Science), Ricardo is particularly interested in change and transformation and how they impact cities, and in urban space as the outcome of socio-historical processes. After living several years in Helsinki, London and Milan, Ricardo returned to his hometown where he enjoys acting as mediator between the visitors and the city’s landscape. In the course of the walks he proposes, participants are encouraged to engage with more in-depth readings, and find new meanings, in the built environment. The aim is also to endow each visitor with an enhanced ability to unravel the multiple identities that make up Porto’s singular character through an understanding of how these identities became embedded in the city’s fabric. Ultimately, Ricardo’s explorations of Porto’s city space throughout the different ages provide equally an opportunity for a broader reflection on the aspects that render places unique, and on the ways places can be improved as to become settings for better forms of public, and private, social life.
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