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About Tristan
Tristan grew up in Normandy near the D-Day landing beaches, then moved to Paris to study history and geography at the Sorbonne University. While falling in love with the city, he was also bitten by the travel bug and decided that he would rather see the world with his own eyes. He jumped at the opportunity to do his national service as a teacher in New-Caledonia, a small island lost in the South Pacific. Two years later, he made his way back to France travelling mainly on land through Asia and the Middle East. Following this adventure, he started to work in 1998 as a tour guide in Europe as he soon realized that the job could give him what he was expecting, in terms of traveling, meeting new people and showing them the european way of life. Being an ex-teacher and a fully licensed local guide, Tristan strongly believes that cultural information and enjoyment should always be combined. His tip about traveling : vacations are too important to ruin them because of miscommunication. Tell your hotels, restaurants and guides what you want and they will make it real !
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