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Teachers and Storytellers

The core of Context is the network of scholars and experts who lead our walks. Our expert guides hail from a wide variety of disciplines including art history, cuisine, environmental science, archaeology, and classical studies. What unites them is a deep knowledge and passion for their city and its cultural heritage. Whether one is spending three hours with a Byzantinist in the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul or learning proper Renaissance fresco making technique with an artist in Florence, our expert guides are trained to take you deeper into these rich cities to help you explore their history.

A Context expert guide leading a garden tour

How We Choose Our Guides

Actually, they usually choose us. They love giving tours on topics they really care about and meeting travelers who are genuinely interested. Here's what all of our experts have in common:

Deep Expertise in their Field

PhD or MA level study in academic fields and/or impressive experience in artistic fields.

Consummate Hosts

Locals who welcome travelers to their cities and make them feel comfortable with a mixture of conversation, generosity, and humility.

Passionate Teachers & Storytellers

Master educators who can share concepts in a captivating way and bring non-experts on an intellectual journey.

Flexible to Different Learning Styles

Attentive guides who tailor tours to be accessible to all types of learners, while staying fresh and engaging.

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