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In Context
Our insights for visiting the great cities of the world.
Sep. 20, 2019
OktoberFest brings more than 6 million visitors to the city of Munich each fall, and it certainly is one of the city’s most popular attractions. While beer is a big part of the culture—and of the region’s industry—it doesn’t have... Read More
Sep. 19, 2019
Athens—the birthplace of Western civilization and also a contemporary capital. The city is layered in contradictions yet manages to form a harmonious balance between old and new. Exploring the museums, ancient ruins, and monument... Read More
Sep. 17, 2019
Florence is an excellent destination for families traveling with kids. The city offers a range of activities that will appeal to parents and children alike. The capital of Tuscany offers a wealth of history lessons through its ar... Read More
Sep. 12, 2019
Ah—the wonder and intrigue of Budapest. As a city that’s defined both by its past and present, the capital of Hungary offers travelers a glimpse into how a city can rebuild itself after war. With the dreamy River Danube running t... Read More
Sep. 10, 2019
Souvlaki is a traditional Greek dish that is one of the country’s best-known food exports. The beloved Greek fast food consists of marinated pieces of meat on a skewer grilled over charcoal. In Greece, the meat is most often pork... Read More

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