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Our insights for visiting the great cities of the world.
Jan. 19, 2021
Scotland is famed for its rugged landscape, ever-changing climate, and rich history. Scattered among its rolling hills and winding roads the average explorer can find an array of castles that tell individual stories and tantalizi... Read More
Jan. 11, 2021
UNESCO has listed a whopping 1,121 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, spanning 167 countries, and making for a tangible history of the world’s most impressive sites. Whether you’re planning on ticking off some UNESCO World Heritage sit... Read More
Dec. 11, 2020
It’s no secret that Europe is home to some of the best Christmas markets around. From generations-old stalls to steaming mulled wines, to the festive fair feel that is hard to avoid, people travel far and wide to explore these tr... Read More
Nov. 11, 2020
England, Scotland, Wales, and North and South Ireland  are intriguing destinations on their own, but together, they make up a beautiful destination with a rich and complex history. In November, Context will be pottering through o... Read More
Oct. 22, 2020
Journey Beyond Rome and Venice - Ciao Arezzo, Bologna, and FerraraMost travelers, when preparing for a trip to Italy, focus their planning on the bucket list-worthy triumvirate of Rome, Florence, and Venice overlooking some lesse... Read More

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