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We loved our tour with Vanessa! She was knowledgeable about Dutch history, architecture, urban design and planning, and sustainable urban living. We were fascinated by her tour and by her informative narration and willingness to entertain all our questions. Not only that, but she was totally flexible. When we showed up on bikes, she changed plans and added all kinds of interesting destinations in the north of Amsterdam, in a newly developing creative zone. She brought great information, great insights, and great vibes. We would highly recommend her to any visitors, and we would gladly join her for another tour. We got the most of our short time in this cool city by connecting with Vanessa through Context. And by the way, my teenagers fully agree with my enthusiastic endorsement--and that's amazing! Thank you so much for a great day!
Henk is a terrific guide. The one that could have improved our experience is: when we signed up for the tour we requested 3 areas. When we met our guide we found out that seeing the Jordaan would not work. If we had known that, we would have opted for a 2 hour tour of just the 2 areas that we did end up seeing. We were quite tired by the end. Also, he lives near our hotel, so it would have been easier for us and for him to have started the tour from our hotel. That said, it was a wonderful education and he is a most interesting person! Thank you!
great docent