Van Gogh Museum Tour: A Guided Crash Course

Uncover the secrets of Van Gogh and his artworks, up close and personal
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Van Gogh Museum
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  • Van Gogh Museum tour with a local expert or art historian
  • Explore the life and work of one of the world's most famous modern artists
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From the famous sunflowers to iconic landscapes and self-portraits, Van Gogh and his work continue to influence our cultural imagination. But who was this man, and how did his tumultuous personality and relationships manifest in his art? 

The story of Vincent Van Gogh combines high drama and a remarkable outpouring of creativity. Throughout his life, the artist suffered highs and lows, states and extremes that are expressed in his masterful, beautiful paintings. As you move through the Van Gogh Museum with an expert guide, you will come face to face with some of the most remarkable works the artist produced. You will learn to read the details and nuances in his paintings and learn the circumstances around why when he painted them. 

You will leave your time at the museum with far more knowledge and appreciation for Van Gogh’s work and certainly a new approach to observing his paintings in the future. 

  • The Van Gogh Museum

Choose this tour if…

  • You love to marvel at colorful and intricate works of art up close. 
  • You are fascinated by artistic personalities and want to dive deeper into the life and work of Van Gogh. 
  • It’s your first time in Amsterdam. The Van Gogh Museum is an essential stop for any first time visitor.  
We pre-purchase tickets for this tour at a specific time. Your guide will have your tickets at the ready on the day of your tour. 

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Can we book this tour for later in the day?
The Van Gogh Museum becomes very crowded throughout the day. We strongly recommend a 9:00 am start time for morning tours, but we can certainly accommodate requests for other times.

Is this tour suitable for children?
For families traveling with children under 12, we recommend our Van Gogh Museum for Kids tour which is led by family friendly guides and is specifically designed to engage younger learners.

Can we use the tickets to re-enter the museum after the tour is finished? 
Tickets at the Van Gogh Museum are timed and re-entry is not permitted, but you can stay inside the museum as long as you like.

There are 7 in my group but your website won't allow me to include more than 6 participants. Can't you make an exception?
No, unfortunately, due to venue reservation restrictions, we cannot accommodate groups larger than 6 people. If your group is larger, we recommend you split into multiple groups.

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She was great!
Iris was a fantastic tour guide! Very sweet to my mom who was in a wheelchair. Gave us a very informative and entertaining tour!!
Excellent tour, by an expert, tailored to our interests.