Rijksmuseum Tour: A Guided Crash Course

Survey the major artworks of the Dutch Golden Age
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2.5 hours
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  • Rijksmuseum
  • Rembrandt's The Nightwatch
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  • Explore Golden Age paintings in the company of an art historian or expert
  • Includes pre-purchased tickets to the Rijksmuseum
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On this 2.5-hour Rijksmuseum tour, you’ll explore the treasures in one of the world’s greatest museums accompanied by an expert in art history. You'll stop to view many of the famous Old Masters, including Rembrandt and Vermeer, as well as lesser-known artists. Along the way, you’ll form a view of Dutch life through the lens of its great artistic figures, making this a perfect tour for both fine arts connoisseurs and those interested in a holistic view of Amsterdam's cultural and artistic development. 

  • Rijksmuseum (interior and exterior) 
  • Pre-purchased tickets to the Rijksmuseum
  • Viewing of Rembrandt's The Night Watch
  • 2.5 hours with an art historian
You'll begin your tour discussing how art became a prominent part of the Netherlands’ culture as trade and exploration bloomed and the nation became a world power. In the bustling central room of the redesigned Rijksmuseum, you will have the opportunity to gaze upon Rembrandt’s masterwork: The Night Watch. The space is dedicated to this famous painting, which is crucial to any discussion of Amsterdam in the 17th century.

Depending on your guide and interests, you may choose to explore in any number of directions. You will view and discuss more works by Rembrandt, as well as other Dutch masters of the 17th century, such as Vermeer, Steen, and Ruisdael. But, you'll also take time to step away from the crowds in these popular galleries to look at the works of more obscure artists. These less-trafficked rooms are carefully curated to show off the scope of Dutch art over past centuries, illuminating how artworks were collected and valued, and how everyday life was portrayed in painting. The Rijksmuseum also boasts a fantastic collection of furniture and other objects that provide many clues to Dutch traditions and European society of the time. Regardless of your route, you’ll emerge from your time with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Dutch history and art.

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Does this tour include any current temporary exhibitions?
The tour visits the Rijksmuseum's permanent collection. We do not currently offer the option to visit temporary exhibitions with our expert. 

Is this suitable for travelers with mobility challenges? 
We cover quite a bit of ground on this tour, although in some cases we may be able to adjust the itinerary based on the needs of your party. Please get in touch with us so we can advise if this itinerary will be appropriate for you or propose modifications where necessary.
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Jurgen is very knowledgeable and welcoming. If you are looking for someone who will give you a greater understanding of the Rijksmuseum and its art then ask for him.
Anna was knowledgeable and engaging, interweaving the art we saw with the broader history of the Netherlands. She took us through the highlights of the Dutch masters, Dutch decor and Delftware, and the wonderful dollhouses. Highly recommend.
Vanessa was kind and flexible! Very knowledgeable and kept my very tired girls interested.

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