Amsterdam History Tour: The Dutch Golden Age

Learn how the Dutch Golden Age changed the face of Amsterdam
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  • West India House
  • Amsterdam Canal Belt
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  • Discover the Dutch Golden Age on Amsterdam walking tour
  • Led by a local historian
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As you wander along the streets of Amsterdam, it is impossible to escape the influence of seafaring trade and the influence it has had on the city. The endless charm of the canals which brings visitors to the city today is direct result of the trade history of the city. 

When you meet your your expert guide at the West India House, they will immediately transport you to the 1600s in Amsterdam, when the building was the headquarters of the Dutch West India company. They will paint the picture of the circumstances around some of the most important decisions made in the building, from various trade endeavors to the idea to start a small colony on an island called Manhattan. 

As you move away from the economic center, your guide will weave stories together about the domestic and social lives of the upper classes in the Jordaan neighborhood, home to some of the more beautiful and well-preserved canal houses. 

You will eventually find yourself in the middle of the canal belt, the perfect backdrop to consider how the development of the canal system has radically determined the city Amsterdam has become. As you end your time with your expert guide, you will have a deep understanding about how the Dutch Golden Age set the stage for the city that is Amsterdam today. 

  • Amsterdam Canal Belt
  • West India House

  • If you are deeply curious about history and want to learn about how trade, power and art intersected during the 17th century to produce the so-called Dutch Golden Age.
  • You want to get out of the main tourist drag of Amsterdam and explore charming districts without the crowds. 
  • You like to come home from your trips with intriguing new facts and tidbits to share with your friends. 
This tour does not include any interior venues, therefore no tickets are needed. 

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  • Is this tour suitable for kids? This tour isn’t part of our family program but we do have some family friendly guides who lead this tour and will be able to adjust the content for kids (pending their availability).
  • Is this tour suitable for people with mobility issues? This tour covers a fair amount of ground and while Amsterdam is mostly very flat, the streets can get very busy and there are bridges that may be a challenge for people with mobility issues. If you have any mobility concerns please get in touch with our client services team and we will be happy to advise you further. 

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Maja was wonderful! I wish we could have spent more time with her. She really gave us both a broad and specific perspective of the Dutch Golden age and her passion for both history and art made the tour unforgettable.
Jurgen is an incredibly friendly and knowledgeable person. Amsterdam is his home, and his passion to share the city's history is wonderful.
Maja was an outstanding tour guide, with great knowledge of the Amsterdam and broader history. She was very customer focused and gave us a wonderful experience! We totally enjoyed our tour!