About Barend
After completing his Bachelor Degree in History and a Master Degree in Museum Studies at the University of Amsterdam, Barend worked in several museums both as a curator, guide and researcher. First at the Jewish Museum in Amsterdam where he was initially invited because of his thesis on memorials, but ending up researching Jewish food culture! A complete change of subject, but that ideally suits Barend’s many interests. In Museum het Schip he curated several exhibitions on the Amsterdam School, an architectural style unique to the Netherlands. At the Rijksmuseum he worked in the field in which he majored: the manifestation of colonial history in museums in the Netherlands. Here he researched the provenance history of holy heirlooms of the Javanese prince Diponegoro. At the museums he worked in he encountered stories of works of art or historic objects that got lost over the years, and his latest project is creating a podcast in which he traces down their histories, and with luck the objects themselves. He looks forward to sharing his love for ‘forgotten’ histories with you on his tour.
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