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Van Gogh Museum Tour: Crash Course

Uncover the secrets of Van Gogh and his artworks, up close and personal
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Art and Museums
2 hours
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  • Van Gogh Museum tour with a local expert or art historian
  • Explore the life and work of one of the world's most famous modern artists
  • Van Gogh Museum
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121 Reviews (4.75)

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Vanessa was the perfect guide for the museum. She truly was passionate about the museum and carried us happily along with her. She did a great job adding a fresh perspective to a museum I had been to before. She was wonderful for my first timer friend too
Belinda was really knowledgeable and we learned a lot during the experience. She converted me into a Van Gogh fan.
We assumed we would be meeting at the Van Gogh Museum and we arrived there. After consulting our confirmation email, we saw we had to meet a fair distance away at the Cobra Cafe. I'm not sure why we couldn't just meet at the Museum and not in a place so ill defined. We actually walked around that cafe twice looking for our tour guide. We arrived there just a few minutes before our tour time and our guide was clearly unhappy about that. While she was obviously a well-educated art historian, she seemed utterly lacking in passion and desire to make the tour more than a recital of facts for us. She also insisted we check our coats which cost us more time and then rushed us through the end of it to leave. She actually seemed somewhat condescending until she understood better that we actually knew a bit about art. I am on the board of a museum and on committees of another. I have been on many museum and art trips and also another Context tour (in Tokyo) and was eager to share this one with my sister. Of the many, many tours we did on our trip to Munich and Amsterdam, this was at the bottom of the list, despite the amazing material found in the Museum. During a tour of the Rijksmuseum the next day with one of the in house guides, we found the tour experience we expected of Context. We actually saw our Context guide with a small group and we felt sorry for them.