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Follow in the footsteps of Rembrandt and experience Amsterdam through his eyes
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  • Nieuwmarkt
  • Waag
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  • Explore Amsterdam through Rembrandt’s story
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Rembrandt van Rijn was arguably the greatest Dutch painter, and his life (1606-1669) provides a unique lens through which to understand the Dutch Golden age (a subject we explore further on our Dutch Golden Age Tour). On this 3-hour Rembrandt in Amsterdam Tour, an art historian or scholar will lead us through the historic neighborhoods where Rembrandt and his clients lived, taking us back to a heady era of prosperity, expansion, and growth for the Netherlands.

From the Rembrandt House Museum...

We’ll begin in Rembrandt’s House, a small museum dedicated to the artist and his time. In those days, there was a great diversity of religious groups living side-by-side in Amsterdam. Rembrandt himself hailed from a Catholic and Protestant household, and his clients included Jews, Mennonites, and Calvinists, among others. This makes his artwork ideal as a kind of textbook, prompting a conversation about Dutch tolerance and how it laid the groundwork for the country’s social and economic success during the 17th century. the Streets of the City

As we leave the museum and re-enter the streets of Amsterdam, we’ll make our way to the Nieuwmarkt, Waag, and East India House. These colonial sites connect Rembrandt to the 17th-century economic boom when the Dutch dominated world trade, particularly in Asia—many of his best-known paintings, such as The Night Watch, portray significant figures of the time. (To see that painting in person, by the way, we highly recommend a Rijksmuseum Tour.)

Rembrandt in Amsterdam

Along our route, we’ll also visit a number of squares, side streets, and historical buildings, each of which relates to the Golden Age or to Rembrandt himself. As we build a conversational portrait of Amsterdam during this period, we’ll place Rembrandt’s story in a greater context, helping us to understand his remarkable ability to reflect his time and surroundings.


Is this tour suitable for kids?
This tour isn’t part of our family portfolio but we do have some family-friendly guides who might be able to lead your tour and could adapt the presentation to suit children.

Is this tour suitable for people with mobility issues?
Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the old building that houses the Rembrandt House, it is only partially accessible to people with mobility issues. There is now an elevator in the museum but there are no lifts or other facilities in Rembrandt’s 17th-century house. As this area within the museum isn’t accessible, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend this tour for people with mobility issues. Please get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss alternatives.
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Tea was wonderful, so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sharing her passion for art, history and Amsterdam. Wonderful experience.
This is a fantastic tour, and Lora is a terrific guide. Seeing Rembrandt's house and hearing the stories about his life was fascinating; getting a sense for the various locations around town that had significance for him was even more so.
She is fantastic. Thank you