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  • Dive into the architectural wonders of a historic fortress with a local architecture specialist, who will bring the stories and design of this iconic site to life.
  • Experience a bespoke journey designed for the discerning traveler, offering a meaningful connection with Andalusia's most celebrated treasure.
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Join us for a four-hour guided exploration of La Alhambra, Granada's most significant historical treasure and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This private tour offers an in-depth look at the architectural prowess and historical significance of this emblematic complex. Accompanied by a knowledgeable local expert, you will gain insights into the Mudéjar style that defines Spain’s architectural style and uncover the historical narratives that have impacted history throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Connect with your guide in the historic Plaza Nueva, which serves as the perfect backdrop to commence your tour. The uphill stroll to the Alhambra is a gradual revelation of Granada's layered past, culminating at the Gate of the Pomegranates, which delineates the old city from the Alhambra's ancient walls. The walk itself serves as a demonstration of Andalusia's cultural evolution.

Upon entering the Alhambra, you will be led through the Nasrid Palaces, where each corridor and court displays the zenith of Islamic art in the Iberian realm. The Generalife Gardens are your final destination, presenting a landscape of horticultural artistry that has offered solace and inspiration through the ages.

This guided tour is more than a simple visit; it is an educational experience that will enrich your understanding of a pivotal era in Spanish history. The grandeur of the Alhambra will not just be a spectacle to behold but a profound narrative to appreciate and remember.
  • You prefer a private, personalized experience that allows for deeper engagement with this iconic site and its stories.
  • You are keen on walking through history, literally following the footsteps of the sultans and kings who once roamed these grounds.
  • La Alhambra Complex: Towering over Granada on its hilltop perch, it is a fortress of Moorish architectural marvels, adorned with intricate mosaics, verdant courtyards, and sweeping views of the Sierra Nevada.
  • Nasrid Palaces: An exquisite centerpiece of the Alhambra, this series of royal palaces celebrates the zenith of Islamic art in Spain, with walls of delicate stucco, vibrant tiling, and tranquil water features.
  • Generalife Gardens: A peaceful haven adjacent to the Alhambra, these gardens are a tapestry of lush landscaping, soothing fountains, and floral walkways, once the retreat of Nasrid royalty.
General Information
  • During your visit to the Alhambra, we'll ensure you have a comfortable experience. 
  • There will be scheduled breaks for restroom use and moments to rest throughout the tour. 
  • We strive to accommodate all guests, so please inform us of any mobility needs or concerns when you book your tour.
  • Your ticket grants you skip-the-line access, streamlining your entrance to the Alhambra and minimizing wait times.
  •  Please be aware that for safety and crowd management, a short wait in a designated queue may still occur.
  • Important Note: In order for our team to pre-purchase admission tickets on your behalf, full names and passport details for each group member are necessary. If you do not provide these at time of booking, a member of our team will be reaching out to you shortly after your booking is placed. 
  • Be advised that all tickets are final upon issuance—alterations or refunds are not permitted.
  • On the day of your tour, it is mandatory to present the same ID card or passport used for ticket booking to gain entry to the Alhambra.
  • For groups of a certain size, the Alhambra may require us to use headsets to ensure you don't miss any of the guide's insights. 
  • A "Headset Fee" will be included in your order in such cases. 
Wheelchair Accessibility
  • The Alhambra is committed to accessibility and provides certain routes that are wheelchair friendly. 
  • However, some areas may be challenging due to the historic nature of the site.
Service Dogs
  • Service dogs are permitted within the Alhambra grounds provided you have a medical certificate verifying the necessity. 
  • Please let us know in advance if you will be accompanied by a service dog so we can make the necessary arrangements.
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I’ve read that tickets to the Alhambra can be nearly impossible to secure. How does your team handle this? 
  • Yes, it's true that tickets to the Alhambra can sell out quickly due to the site's immense popularity and limited visitor capacity, which is part of a conscious effort to preserve this historic site. 
  • To avoid disappointment, it is highly recommended to book your Context Tour well in advance, especially if you plan to visit during peak tourist season, which runs from May to October.
  • When booking with us, we handle the ticket procurement process for you. We will ask for some necessary personal details to ensure we can secure your spot promptly. 
  • Always remember to bring a photo ID that matches the details given at the time of ticket purchase, as this will be checked upon entry.
Why is my passport information required when booking tickets to the Alhambra?
The venue requires passport details for each visitor as a security protocol and to prevent the fraudulent use of tickets. Tickets are personalized with a unique identifier—your passport number—to confirm that the visitor presenting the ticket matches the original booking details.

How can I get to the Alhambra?
The Alhambra can be reached by public transportation, taxi, or on foot from the city center of Granada. If you're driving, there are paid parking lots nearby. You will need to connect with your Context Expert in Plaza Nueva. Further details will be provided by our team once your booking is confirmed. 

Can I explore the Alhambra on my own after the tour?
Your ticket allows you access to the Alhambra complex for the whole day, so you are free to explore on your own after the guided tour concludes, as long as you stay within the visiting hours.

Are food and drinks available inside the complex?
There are several cafes and vending areas within the Alhambra complex where you can purchase food and drinks. However, options may be limited, so bringing water and snacks is advisable.

Is there a place to store luggage or personal items?
The Alhambra does not offer storage lockers for personal belongings, so it's best to bring only essential items during your visit.

What should I wear for the tour?
Comfortable clothing and walking shoes are recommended as there is a significant amount of walking, often on uneven surfaces. The weather can be quite variable, so checking the forecast and dressing in layers is advisable.

When is the best time to visit the Alhambra?
  • We suggest planning your tour between September and March. These months generally offer a more peaceful atmosphere, reduced tourist traffic, and pleasant weather, enhancing your experience of the palace's storied halls and gardens.
  • As Granada's summers are known for their warmth, we suggest morning tours to avoid the heat of the day. To ensure our guests' comfort, we refrain from scheduling afternoon tours during the hotter months.
  • During the spring months, the gardens come alive with a vivid palette of color.  A visit in these months is an opportunity to witness the historic gardens in their most resplendent state.
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The Alhambra is so large and its history so complex, there is no way we could have appreciated it as deeply without his guidance. So many details in the architecture that he called to our attention, we never would have noticed. The Mocarabe pieces making up domes, the light filtering in through stained glass, the mirror pond in the Court of the Myrtles, the fountain in the Court of Lions - all of these things he helped us appreciate their beauty and the careful thought and amazing work that went into creating them. The list goes on and on - he was incredibly generous with his time and his passion about the complex was very infectious.
Pablo was a superb guide to the Alhambra. His English was excellent, which was very important for two of our group who spoke no Spanish. His interpretation focussed on helping us imagine what it would have been like to be in the Alhambra during its height of splendor and power. He was an absorbing storyteller and his knowledge was deep. Including translating Arabic verses that are inscribed in many places on the walls. This was our third Context tour and once again our expectations were more than met.
She was fantastic It was wonderful to hear the dialogue between my 16 year old and the guide We learned a great deal in an interesting way - perfection!