Palazzo Pitti Tour with Boboli Gardens

Learn about the Florence's royal past with an art historian
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3 hours
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  • Palazzo Pitti (Galleria Palatina, Museo degli Argenti, Galleria del Costume)
  • Boboli Gardens
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  • Experience the extensive art and object collections of the Medici family
  • Led by an art historian
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The Pitti Palace, and the amazing art collections contained within, stand as a strong expression of the power of the Medici dukes. The prominent family returned to Florence in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, after having previously led Florence through the Renaissance. During their second rule, the new branch of Medici transformed Florence into a monarchy, becoming the Dukes of Tuscany and undisputed rulers of Florence. They moved their household into an even larger, more extravagant palace—the Palazzo Pitti—a powerful symbol of wealth and influence. This three-hour Pitti Palace tour, led by an art historian, explores the fabulous art and object collections of the several royal families who have made the mansion home—the Medici, Lorraine, and Savoy—as well as the building's stunning architecture.

Pitti Palace Tour

We will begin our visit by exploring the illustrious Palatine Gallery, once used as part of the Medici winter apartments, and now lined with the Medici art collection. The collection, anything but modest, boasts a hallway of ancient Roman statues from the Villa Medici in Rome, and walls filled with Renaissance and Baroque art, including works by Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio, Rubens, and Florentine artists Filippo Lippi and Andrea del Sarto, among others. The wall-to-wall art collection is all displayed in the royal setting of the palace, complete with luxurious drapery, antique furniture, and other remnants of the opulent life lived by the monarchy.

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Beyond the Palace

For the last part of our tour, weather permitting, we'll wander into the beautiful Boboli Gardens, whose construction was started in 1549, under Grand Duke Cosimo I. We'll discuss how the gardens, once home to an ancient quarrying yard, whose stone was used for the Palace itself, are in themselves an expression of the Medici's power.


The main focus, and therefore the majority of the time, will be spent on the painting collection.  Other areas of the Pitti, including the Boboli Gardens, will be visited time and weather permitting.


If children under 18 qualify for free tickets, why am I required to pay € 3.00 for my child?
The € 3.00 corresponds to the reservation fee when purchasing skip-the-line tickets.

Does this tour cover the costume museum?
No, the costume gallery is currently closed.

Is this tour suitable for visitors with mobility issues? 
Yes, this tour isn’t walking intensive. There are elevators and wheelchair access and for free use in the museum. The Boboli Gardens are also accessible, however, they have clay or stone paths which require some assistance for visitors in wheelchairs.
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Alessandra was great… she has an amazing command of the history of Florence and she brings it into the tour. Would hope to have her every time we do a private tour!
Outstanding guide! Truly excellent tour! Thank you very much!
Alessandro was fantastic! so knowledgeable and really nice!