About Juliane
Juliane is originally German, but lived many years in South America before she decided to move to Italy, which had been the country of her dreams since she was a teenager. Having a great interest in Art, in particular she was fascinated by Florence and choose the town as her future home. She holds MVA from the prestigious ‘Academy of Fine Arts of Florence’ and worked for several years as scenographer and costume designer in lyrical opera, theater, movie and TV productions of Italy and abroad. She also is a passionate photographer and collaborated professionally in the past with travel- and life style magazines of Germany. After over 35 years in Italy, Juliane not only has acquired deep knowledge of Florence’ History and Art, but also of its Culture and traditions. Giving tours, it is important a to her to provide a broad understanding of Florence’s fundamental role in Italy’s development out of the Middle Ages into modern times, of the genius of its famous artist and intellectuals…and the great talent of the citizens for making money. Juliane is a qualified tour guide of Florence since 2004 and speaks fluently 4 languages.
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