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Palazzo Vecchio: Power and Prestige

Explore the history of Renaissance power in Florence
$335 and up
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2.5 hours
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  • Palazzo Vecchio tour led by a historian
  • Traces the history of Florence's political intrigues and dramas from Machiavelli to the Medici
  • Palazzo Vecchio
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41 Reviews (4.84)

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Alessandra had a great narrative and answered a range of questions we needed to understand more.
Manoli was fantastic.
I was disappointed. Alessandra was a good guide. However, when we arrived at the Palazzo Vecchio - the subject of the tour - the museum staff refused to let us in because Context had not made an advance reservation. (Apparently, this is a new Covid regulation.). Disappointed, we walked to nearby Palazzo Pitti, which has 5 separate Museum galleries and a garden. We waited for 20 minutes in line, and were told that all 5 Museums were closed. In desperation, I had to pay €10 to enter a garden I didn’t want to see, after the high price I paid for the Context tour I wasn’t getting. Alessandra was a trooper and did her best, but in short, I didn’t get the tour I paid for. In my opinion, Context is responsible for verifying and confirming in advance that the venue is open, and just as importantly: preparing a “Plan B” in event of surprises like this.