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Florence Private Tours and Florence Small Group Tours

Florence Private and Small Group Walking Tours

The streets of Florence—epicenter of Renaissance art and culture—are living history for scholars and art lovers alike.
Charming and historic, Florence offers a rare opportunity to step back in time. Its 15th- and 16th-century monuments, buildings, and churches—including, most famously, the Duomo—and its many artworks, such as Michelangelo's Statue of David, highlight why this small Italian city is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance. Under the Medici family, who ruled during this era, the worlds of art, architecture, science, and humanism flourished, and the remnants of this explosively creative time are still visible today. Florence has also retained its other traditions—crafts and food—with current Florentine leatherworkers, silversmiths, shoemakers, and milliners producing artisanal goods and cafes, markets, and restaurants preparing the city's celebrated cuisine. Explore this iconic city on our Florence private tours and our Florence small group tours with Context.

Florence Private Tours and Florence Small Group Tours

With over 30 experts in our network in Florence, we offer a wide range of experiences, from private and small group guided tours of the major monuments to hands-on activities for kids. One of our most popular Florence tours is our introductory Florence Night Tour, a passeggiata—the Italian ritual of an evening stroll—that visits the Duomo and critical sites in the center of the city in the warm light of early evening. Among the most renowned museums in Italy, our Florence private tours and Florence small group tours enable us to weave through the crowds, allowing for more close inspection with our expert guides. Join our Uffizi Gallery Tour and discover the greatest works of the Renaissance with an art historian. Or, are you hankering to see Michelangelo's Statue of David? Do it with a real expert on our Accademia Gallery Tour, which examines the greater narrative of Michelangelo's life before taking in his masterpiece, David. By now we're getting hungry, which is why we offer a Florence Food Tour that uncovers (and tastes) some of the best wine, cheese, and gelato in the world. Florence may be riddled with tourist traps but, on this tour, we sniff out some of the local favorites that still remain. We also offer a range of private tours for kids in Florence, including our Uffizi Tour for Kids and a Florence for Kids scavenger hunt tour. All of our family guides are trained in Visual Thinking Strategies, enabling them to present complex and historical information in a fun, relatable, and interactive way.
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We truly appreciated our guide - his friendliness, his knowledge of the history of Florence, his abiding interest in Italy, and his earnest desire to satisfy our curiosity on the science tour of Florence. However, I think Context really needs to reconsider this whole tour. There’s just not enough to see to make it a Context-worthy tour, and we consdered it to have fallen very far below the standards of a Context tour, as witnessed in our Ancient Rome tour with Dimo. The guide for a tour about science has to have a strong understanding of science. They must be able to illuminate scientific information in an intriguing way, and to be able to index what we see on the tour to an underlying theme that is more developed than “science flourished in the Renaissance.” Instead our guide seemed to meander through exhibits that he didn’t know very well and had no organizing principle or timeline to talk us through. We could have learned so much more by reading the plaques in the exhibit, and walking ourselves over to Santa Croce to see Galileo’s tomb. We felt like we paid a premium premium price for what was lower quality than a standard museum docent tour, and we are very disappointed with our experience. We fully expect that our guide is a good guide on *other* tours in Florence, and so although he ultimately may bear the brunt of a negative review, we do consider his placement as a guide on this tour to have been a bad decision on Context's part.
Luca was wonderful, courteous, and very knowledgable!
Kate was absolutely excellent! Her knowledge base is impressive and her delivery superb!