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  • Topkapi Palace
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  • Private kid-friendly tour of Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace
  • Led by a guide trained in engagement techniques
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An expansive complex of pavilions, gardens, and courtyards that revolved around the central power of the Sultan, advisors, and Harem, Topkapi Palace provides us with a fascinating lens for learning about the Ottoman empire. This child-friendly Topkapi Palace for Kids Tour will take your family on an exciting journey through the sprawling palace, allowing you to experience this wonder of Istanbul with kids. Using the Sultan as our main character, we reveal the secrets of life in the palace and situate it within the wider history of the city and its stories of Ottoman intrigue.

Swords, Shalvars, and Labyrinths

Our experts are trained in techniques such as Visible Thinking, which allows an exploration of Topkapi Palace through objects. Using models and maps, we’ll gain a basic understanding of the Palace and the Ottoman Empire. To dig deeper, we’ll take an unusual route through the palace. We will start with the portrait gallery located in the Inner Courtyard where we get to know the Sultans and their families before examining their clothes—kaftans and baggy pants known as shalvars—in the costumes exhibit. Continuing, perhaps we’ll explore one of the world’s greatest weaponry collections, amassed over a 1,300-year period from all over the Ottoman Empire. We’ll take a moment to get acquainted with the palace’s female inhabitants before wandering through the labyrinthine corridors of the Harem where they lived and worked, separate from the men. 

Interactive and Engaging

Far from a passive lecture, this is an interactive experience that encourages kids to engage with the history and subject matter in a digestible way. With this approach, we will gain an appreciation of the Ottoman scripts and motifs decorating the palace walls. By the end of this walk, children (and parents) will also gain a basic understanding of one of the world’s longest-lived empires and their rulers.

Topkapi Palace for Kids

In order to plan the best possible experience for your children, it would be helpful for us to know some background. Have they traveled to other countries in the past? If so, where? Have they studied any subjects in school that would relate to the walk? Are they interested in art, music, history, archaeology, or something else? The more you can tell us, the better.


Is there a dress code for your tours in Istanbul?
The sites visited on this tour are considered holy places. Shoulders and knees must be covered. Dresses and shorts must be below knee level, and shoulders must be covered (zip-on jackets or scarves are acceptable). We recommend bringing along scarves or shawls to be able to cover those body parts.

Are tickets to Topkapi Palace included in the tour price?
No, you will buy those on-site on the day of the tour. Your guide will assist you in purchasing the correct ticket. Please remember to bring local currency to cover the cost. Other payment methods accepted are credit cards or euros (not US dollars).

What is the most appropriate age for kids on this tour?
Usually, our kids' tours work best for kids from ages 6 to 12. If they have older kids, recommend the Topkapi Palace Tour.

We are a family of 7, can we add an extra person? 
No. This tour is capped at a maximum of 6 participants because of the interactive nature of this program and the educational environment. If you have a bigger group, we will need to divide the group into 2 smaller groups.
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A total bait-and-switch. The description promises a kid-friendly tour and gives examples like a “different order” to visit the palace, drawing exercises, calligraphy, and a tour guide specially trained on kids activities. None of that was true. Context travel contracted out to an independent tour guide who was fine and had good English, but there was nothing specific for kids at all. Could have been any tour (she does lots of normal tours). We paid a very high premium for this special kids experience tour and it was a complete scam.
Claire was great and very knowledgeable! She engaged with the kids and answered all of their many questions. She also brought them some Turkish sweets and sketch notebooks. We really enjoyed her tour. Thanks!
The guide is a great person and very knowledgeable guide but i dont think she was well equipped or prepared to do the topkapi for kids. unquestionably the tour is designed for adults.