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London Private Tours and London Small Group Tours

London Private and Small Group Walking Tours

Both medieval and modernist, London is a world capital that defies classification.
From ancient Roman ruins to Norman architecture, London is littered with reminders of its past. Landmarks like the Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral, and Westminster Abbey, once the glory of medieval monarchy and now the setting for coronations, offer a peek into the city's long, often turbulent, history and rise to prominence. At the same time, contemporary structures like the Shard and the Millennium Bridge highlight London's evolution into a cutting-edge world capital. Its culturally vibrant immigrant neighborhoods and acclaimed literary, theater, and art worlds, personified by Shakespeare's Globe Theater and the Tate Modern, also form a portrait of an endlessly inventive city. Experience its many facets with Context's London private tours and London small group tours.

London Private Tours and London Small Group Tours

We offer a broad array of London private tours and London small group tours designed to appeal to every interest. Some of our most popular London guided tours include our Tower of London with Kids, which delves into some of the nuanced legends of the structure with a more family-friend approach (namely, glossing over some of the more gruesome histories that took place there), or our Westminster Abbey tour which explores over one thousand years of British history. Other London tours include a Shakespeare Tour, in which we immerse ourselves in the Bard's London and learn more about the history of this mysterious figure; our introductory London City Tour, perfect for first-time visitors; and our Learn about Royal London Tour with a history professor, a full-day experience in which we enmesh ourselves in the monarchy, from Westminster Abbey to Kensington Palace.
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Alan was excellent! The way he introduced the museum and proceeded to hit the high points with us was great. He was interesting and stayed very engaged with my teenage grandchildren. We have been on all kinds of tours around London this week and they said he was the best tour guide that they have had. I agree!!
Peter is throughly engaging, paced the tour well, continually checked in to see if we wanted more/less on a topic, was extremely prepared with maps, pictures etc to make a story or area come alive. His depth of knowledge was on so many topics was wonderful. His understanding of economics as a driver of history add fascinating details to the tour and our understanding of London past and present.
Zozo was an amazing guide. We learned a lot about London. He was also super kind and caring. My daughter was tired and headachy from jet lag and he paced all around her. Lovely person.