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Melbourne Private Tours and Small Group Tours

Melbourne Private and Small Group Guided Tours

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Australia's melting pot, Melbourne is an energetic mix of culture, food, and nightlife.
Melbourne has come a long way since it was a sleepy cowtown settled by the British in 1835. Beginning with its Gold Rush in the 1850s and continuing through two world wars and the modern era, Melbourne has attracted waves of immigrants from around the world who, in turn, have transformed it. Diverse and vibrant, Melbourne has become famous for its homegrown pool of designers, architects, and other “makers”—earning it a reputation as one of the world's most creative cities—along with its celebrated coffee, gourmet food, and nightclub scene. Melbourne’s famous laneways and arcades, most of which date to the end of the 19th century, are a direct result of the boomtown atmosphere here—encapsulated in the moniker “marvelous Melbourne.” Visit breathtaking Melbourne with Context's private and small group guided tours.

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Melbourne Private Tours and Small Group Tours

Historians, architects, writers, and designers in Melbourne have come together to develop some of the more interesting, off-beat tours that you'll find in Melbourne. When you join a Context private or small group guided tour in Melbourne you will find yourself with a local designer, as part of our Made in Melbourne tour, or you might sign up for our Melbourne Laneways tour and learn about the Gold Rush history of Melbourne. Other popular tours include our Melbourne Immigration History Tour, which explores the multicultural history of the Australian melting pot. We can also design any variety of Custom Melbourne Day Tours by drawing on our network of scholars. Or, if you just want to meet a local on the day you arrive to help you get your bearings, we offer an innovative Introduction to Melbourne orientation tour.
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Last week I had 2 Context tours in Sydney. This week I had a Context tour in Melbourne. My objective was to find out how the 50,000+ British convicts of Sydney who founded Melbourne. WOW !! I was totally wrong. Sophie was GREAT !! She laid out the facts PERFECTLY !! Sydney has nothing to do with founding Melbourne.,More than a half of a century Melbourne was founded by no convicts. Sheep herdsmen and gold diggers both British and Asians made Melbourne the city it is today. Just as Big, Wealthy and as Beautiful as Sydney. The two cities each have 20% of the total population of Australia. Thank you Sophie for helping me learn the real history of Melbourne. LuvYa Jennifer/ Jim
It was perfect - Jamie was knowledgable, accommodating to special circumstances, flexible and provided 2 very special tours (Orientation and Immigration) We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and gained insight about Melbourne - please use comments for both.
Wonderful introduction to Melbourne. Jamie was thoughtful and very well informed. Gracious and considerate of our interests. Highly recommend.