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Australia Desert

Private and Small Group Guided Tours

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Unearth the laid-back, rugged charms of the ‘land down under’
Modern Australia is a clash of worlds. It’s arguably the wild west of the southern hemisphere, where a short drive inland leads to the Outback—its vast, uninhabitable and otherworldly desert interior—a far cry from its densely populated coasts. 

The tension of these two different landscapes infuses Australia with a fascinating energy. Its coastal cities, including Melbourne and Sydney, sport a sophisticated, progressive, friendly, and upbeat sensibility that its intrepid inhabitants often bring while traveling throughout the rest of the world.
What Context Australia Travelers Say
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Last week I had 2 Context tours in Sydney. This week I had a Context tour in Melbourne. My objective was to find out how the 50,000+ British convicts of Sydney who founded Melbourne. WOW !! I was totally wrong. Sophie was GREAT !! She laid out the facts PERFECTLY !! Sydney has nothing to do with founding Melbourne.,More than a half of a century Melbourne was founded by no convicts. Sheep herdsmen and gold diggers both British and Asians made Melbourne the city it is today. Just as Big, Wealthy and as Beautiful as Sydney. The two cities each have 20% of the total population of Australia. Thank you Sophie for helping me learn the real history of Melbourne. LuvYa Jennifer/ Jim
It was perfect - Jamie was knowledgable, accommodating to special circumstances, flexible and provided 2 very special tours (Orientation and Immigration) We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and gained insight about Melbourne - please use comments for both.
Wonderful introduction to Melbourne. Jamie was thoughtful and very well informed. Gracious and considerate of our interests. Highly recommend.