Munich Food Tour: Bavarian Traditions

Dig in to the most delicious side of Munich with a local food expert
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3 hours
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  • Viktualienmarkt
  • Local Bavarian restaurant
  • Various local specialty shops
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  • Gain an understanding of Munich's culinary traditions and renaissance complete with tastings of local specialties
  • Led by a local food expert
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Tour Description
From sausages to pretzels to cabbage to potatoes, German food is often stereotyped. On this 3-hour Munich Food Tour, we'll deconstruct those stereotypes and examine many of the ways Munich has much more to offer, namely by pushing forward its cuisine while adhering to traditional Bavarian practices. Led by an industry professional, this German Food Tour gives us access to some of the city’s top food shops along with Viktualienmarkt, where we'll taste artisanal products and discover some of Bavaria’s best kept culinary secrets.

Viktualienmarkt Sausage Scene

We'll meet for our Munich Food Tour in Marienplatz, the former salt and cereal market for the city and hence a fitting spot to begin. Our expert guide will talk about the connection between the history and food traditions in Munich before we delve into Viktualienmarkt, the atmospheric market hub of the city. We'll stroll around the stands as we absorb the smells, sounds, and sights in this unique mercenary venue. Given Bavarian tradition, we may kick off our tasting with a Weißwurst (a traditional white sausage made from minced veal and pork back bacon). From here, we might potter to one of our favorite cheese suppliers to try some Obatzda or Bergkäse with some beer bread. We'll admire the wonderful displays in the market as we taste and discuss these hearty Bavarian treats.

Munich Food Tour

We may stop at a Franconian stall to taste test such typical foods from this region of Germany as liver sausage, white radish, and smoked salami; alternatively we could pause our German Food Tour at Fisch Witte to try some renowned Bismarck's herring rolls. We may move to a nearby butcher to see Schweinshaxe (pork knuckles) roasting as our guide describes popular traditions and dishes in Bavaria, such as Wiener Schnitzel and Sauerbraten. We'll walk to another location pointing out many traditional restaurants and venues along the way until we reach Dallmayr, an indoor food market housing some of the best food stalls in the city, including a new crop of global goods to feed your heart's content. Here, we might tuck into another snack such as a Leberkässemmel, akin to bologna sausage, or have a look at this season's trends at various stalls in the delicatessen as our guide talks through Munich´s evolving yet traditional food scene.

Eating Munich

We'll move onto a final location of the guide's choosing to finish up our Munich Food Tour together. We may jump on the metro to a nearby neighborhood to try treats from a local cafe as we talk about the Italian influence on Munich, given that the border is a mere 110 miles away. We might finish up with an ice cream from Amorino or Eataly, or a local coffee in a family run pastry shop. Alternatively, we could finish up in the summer sun in a local Biergarten as we conclude our time together with a refreshing drink.

Take Aways

At the end of the Munich Food Tour, we should have an excellent foundation in Bavarian gastronomy and be better prepared to appreciate some of the finer points of Munich's food scene for the remainder of our trip. We’ll leave one another with a fuller belly and a deeper knowledge of traditional Bavarian cuisine, more than just potatoes and cabbage.


Can I participate in your food tours if I have food allergies? Yes. If you have any specific allergies/intolerances, please indicate these in the Travel Notes section during booking. Your guide will do his or her best to accommodate, though please note that some shops we visit do use wheat flour and nuts in the kitchen for other items. Again, please make note of any dietary issues. 
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Awesome tour!
We enjoyed Stefan’s insight into the food scene in Munich. He was very knowledgeable.
Stefan Hermansdorfer with Context Travel led us on a fantastic food tour of Munich on Wednesday. He introduced us to his favorite bakery and coffee house -- the bakery featured the best cinnamon rolls I've ever had (unfortunately they only make them one day each week, so finding them was truly a win by Stefan)! We then visited the Viktualienmarkt where we visited small shops that offered fantastic cheeses and meats. The shops presented a strong customer focus, letting us try samples of several exotic cheeses before we made our selections. We then visited Stefan's favorite beer garden, where Stefan, my wife and I enjoyed excellent beer while our kids enjoyed Cokes. Stefan served up all the food we had just purchased at the Viktualienmarkt, which worked wonderfully with his recommended beer. We finished up with fantastic Tiramisu and espresso at a great small cafe, which seemed to only be known to Stefan and other locals. We'd recommend Stefan Hermansdorfer and Context Travel without hesitation for anyone visiting Munich -- what a wonderful day!