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Explore the treasures of Pompeii: mosaics, frescos and objects uncovered from the buried city
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2.5 hours
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  • Naples Archaeological Museum
  • Farnese Collection
  • Pompeiian frescoes
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  • Unearth one of the world's most important collections of Roman artifacts
  • Led by an archaeologist or classical historian
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The Archaeological Museum of Naples, founded in the 18th century by the Bourbon king Ferdinand IV to house the astounding collection of ancient statuary he procured from the Roman Farnese family, is one of the richest and most important archaeological collections in the world. Its vast number of Greco-Roman statues, paintings, and mosaics make this museum a must-see for understanding the ancient history of the area, especially the lost towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum. During this 2.5-hour Naples Archeological Museum Tour, we will join an archaeologist or classical historian for an in-depth look at ancient Roman society and some of the most spectacular archaeological finds in the world. (Note, we strongly recommend coupling this tour with our half-day Pompeii Tour, perhaps on separate days, in order to get the full experience of Pompeii in Naples.)

Naples Archaeological Museum Tour

We will spend the beginning of the tour on the lower floors, becoming familiar with the exquisite collection of ancient statuary, such as the Farnese Hercules, the emblem of the Greek mythic hero, and the Flavian-era Agrippina, a seated statue of one of the most influential Roman Empresses. A large part of this collection stems from Pope Paul III (r. 1534-1549), a Farnese family member who borrowed liberally from the ancient sites of Rome. During this time, we might also contemplate some of the many Egyptian objects, such as the tazza Farnese, an intricately painted agate dish, representing the Egyptian divine triad Serapis-Isis-Harpocrates and dating to the Ptolemaic Kingdom (305-30 BCE) when prosperity reigned in Egypt.

Peering into Pompeii

We will then proceed with admiring the beautiful Pompeiian frescoes, moved to the museum during excavations. We will have the opportunity to view the richly decorated Roman paintings, depicting mythological, religious themes as well as stills and landscapes of that era, in the process gaining an understanding of Pompeiian lifestyle and beliefs. Given the considerable size of the museum and its vast collection, our guide will select specific artifacts while skillfully weaving through sculptures, mosaics, frescoes, and the minor arts to paint a comprehensive view of ancient Italian civilizations.

Take Aways

Our visit at the Archaeological Museum of Naples will provide us with a memorable opportunity to learn about the history of the museum and its collections, focusing on the significance of its sculptures, mosaics, frescos, and artifacts contextualized within the ancient civilizations of the Campania area and southern Italy during the ancient and Bourbonic era.

We also include this museum as part of our full-day Pompeii Tour. For a deeper antiquities adventure, we strongly recommend our full-day Mount Vesuvius Tour. If you're traveling with kids, take a look at our Pompeii for Kids full-day tour.


Does this tour include skip-the-line tickets?
Yes, we arrange skip-the-line tickets for your party, however, there will still be a security line to access the museum.

Does the tour include the Gabinetto Segreto?
Yes, it includes it, no extra ticket is required.

I would like to do this tour and visit Pompeii as well, what tour should I take?
If you would like to combine this tour with a visit to Pompeii, we suggest our Full Day excursion from Naples, which includes both the Pompeii archaeological site with the Archaeological Museum of Naples.

We have children traveling in our group, is this tour suitable?

We recommend families with children under 12 take our Full Day Pompeii Tour for Kids, which is led by a family-friendly guide and includes Pompeii and the Archaeological Museum of Naples
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The tour was excellent. Fiorella was our guide - we have used her before and requested her again and she did not disappoint. The museum was fantastic.
Guided tour of this particular museum might be helpful if you’re completely unfamiliar with the area history.
Amazing tour and Fabrizio was so knowledgeable and engaging. We came away with a greater sense and appreciation of the culture history of the area.