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2.5 hours
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  • Various Chocolate and Pastry Shops in Saint-Germain-des-Prés
  • Christmas Market
  • Marché Saint-Germain
  • Left Bank
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  • Dive deep into the heart of French culinary traditions during the festive season
  • Hosted by a seasoned food expert who will unveil the rich tapestry of flavors and customs that define holiday dining in France
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Tour Description
Imagine yourself in the heart of Paris during the enchanting Christmas season. As you step into this festive world, you become part of a timeless tradition. Père Noël brings joy to the children while the air fills with the aroma of roasting chestnuts, signaling the start of a holiday stroll you'll never forget. 

You're about to embark on a 2.5-hour holiday food tour, guided by a culinary expert who will unveil the secrets of French Christmas delicacies. Picture the twinkling lights, the beautifully decorated shop windows, and the streets that seem to come alive with holiday spirit. This isn't just a tour; it's an adventure for your taste buds, offering a warm, home-cooked experience intertwined with the thrill of discovering new, exquisite flavors.

This journey begins at the historic Church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Here, you'll immerse yourself in a neighborhood adorned with festive lights and decorations, setting the stage for a magical exploration. With one of our experts by your side, you'll delve into the traditions behind foie gras, oysters, champagne, and the iconic Bûche de Noël cake, among other treats. This is more than just a tasting; it's a cultural deep dive, connecting you to the soul of Paris through its gastronomic wonders. Each delicacy tells a story, linking you to the heart of French holiday customs.

As you wander through a quaint Christmas Market lined with rustic Alpine cabins, you'll find yourself surrounded by handcrafted goods that speak of the region's rich heritage. This bustling marketplace is not just about shopping; it's an opportunity to connect with Parisian Christmas traditions and find unique presents that carry the essence of France. From fragrant soaps to cozy woolen accessories, each item has a story to tell. This part of your journey highlights the role these markets play in the local festive shopping experience, offering a blend of regional and commercial treasures.

Concluding your tour at the Bon Marché department store, with its enchanting holiday window displays, you'll feel the magic of Christmas in Paris enveloping you. This experience transcends mere sightseeing; it's about savoring moments that make you feel alive, connected, and part of something larger. You'll leave with not only a satisfied palate but also a deeper appreciation of the Parisian approach to Réveillon. 

Important Note: Please remember to inform us of any food allergies or intolerances when booking, ensuring that your adventure is as pleasant and safe as possible. 
Choose this tour if you're seeking to…
  • Immerse Yourself in Parisian Christmas Magic: Experience the city at its most festive, with streets and shops adorned in holiday splendor. This tour isn't just about seeing Paris; it's about being a part of its Christmas traditions.
  • Savor the Flavors of French Holiday Cuisine: Delight in a culinary adventure that takes you through the best of French holiday delicacies. From the rich taste of foie gras to the sweet indulgence of Bûche de Noël, your taste buds are in for a treat.
  • Enjoy a Family-Friendly Experience: If you’re looking for an enjoyable tour for all ages, this is it. The festive atmosphere and variety of treats are sure to delight both children and adults alike.
  • Seek Unique Gifts and Souvenirs: Wander through charming Christmas markets and find handcrafted gifts that are as unique as they are beautiful. This tour is ideal for bringing a piece of Parisian Christmas back home.
  • Create Unforgettable Memories: Perfect for those wanting to make special holiday memories, this tour offers a blend of sensory delights and heartwarming experiences, making your holiday season in Paris truly unforgettable.
Here are some of the foods you might choose to taste during this experience
  • Vin Chaud: Warm your senses with this traditional French hot spiced wine, perfect for chilly holiday evenings.
  • Pain d'Épicé: Savor this classic French spiced bread, a holiday favorite with its rich flavors and warm spices.
  • Nougat: Indulge in this sweet confection, a blend of honey, nuts, and egg whites, offering a taste of French culinary tradition.
  • Foie Gras: Experience the luxurious taste of foie gras, a rich and velvety French delicacy often enjoyed during festive seasons.
  • Oysters: Delight in the fresh, briny flavor of oysters, a classic French Christmas treat savored for their exquisite taste.
  • Gérard Mulot Treats: Treat yourself to a selection of fine chocolates and a fresh baguette from the renowned Gérard Mulot.
  • Pierre Hermé Macarons: Taste the Christmas Collection Macarons from the famous Pierre Hermé, offering a symphony of holiday flavors.
  • Mini Buche de Noel: You might cap off your tour with a mini version of this quintessential French Christmas cake, a delightfully sweet treat.

Please Note:
  • We plan for a variety of bites and tastings on this tour. While each bite may seem small, they do add up to quite a bit of food. Many guests choose to forgo a meal following this tour, but you are in Paris, so why would you skip a meal? 
  • We are taking you to local establishments that are often family-run; hours and availability may vary. 
  • Dietary restrictions should be shared in advance in order allow our team time to adapt the tour. 
  • We don’t recommend this tour for individuals with severe allergies to nuts or seafood to avoid the possibility of cross-contamination.
Trip Planning Resources
For more information about Context Tours, please visit our FAQ page.

What is the group size for this food tour?
Our food tours are designed to offer a personalized and intimate experience. Typically, our tour is capped at 6 guests, allowing for a more engaging and interactive tour. This ensures that each participant gets individual attention and a chance to ask questions and learn in-depth about Parisian food culture.

Are children welcome on the tour?
Absolutely! Our tours are family-friendly, and children are more than welcome. We find that kids enjoy the sensory experiences of tasting different foods and exploring the markets. Please let us know if you're bringing children along so we can make any necessary adjustments to enhance their experience.

How much walking is involved in the tour?
The tour involves a moderate amount of walking as we explore various neighborhoods and markets. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes. However, the pace is generally leisurely and suitable for people of most fitness levels. If you have mobility concerns, please let us know in advance so we can make accommodations.

How accessible are your tours for wheelchair users?
We prioritize inclusivity and accessibility in our tours. However, it's true that some of the quaint, historical shops we visit may present accessibility challenges, such as narrow entrances or steps. We recommend contacting us in advance with any specific accessibility needs. 

What if I have dietary restrictions other than allergies?
We strive to accommodate all dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free requirements. Just mention your dietary restrictions in the Additional Notes section when you book, and we will do our best to tailor the tour to your needs.

Can the tour be conducted in languages other than English?
Currently, our tours are primarily conducted in English. However, we may be able to arrange tours in other languages upon request. Please contact us in advance to discuss your needs, and we will do our best to accommodate.

What happens in case of bad weather?
Our tours go ahead rain or shine. Paris can be particularly charming in the rain! We recommend checking the weather forecast and dressing appropriately for the day of your tour.

If I'm interested in exploring more Parisian culinary delights, which other Context food tours would you recommend?
For a comprehensive taste of Paris, we offer 5 additional food tours.  You'll explore a different neighborhood, uncovering hidden gastronomic gems and gaining new insights into the evolving Parisian food scene. 
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Wonderful guide--fun and knowledgeable. A real pleasure and we got to cover a lot of interesting ground in a relatively short time.
Rhona was wonderful. We so enjoyed the tour. What a special holiday treat!
Laurie was a delight to spend time with this afternoon. She was patient with my family and introduced us to a variety of French delicacies that were new to us. I’m glad we had the opportunity to do the tour and to meet her.