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Rome private tours and small group tours

Rome Private and Small Group Guided Tours

Rome is full of energy, history, and—of course—scooters.
Rome has had many incarnations, from Etruscan enclave, to hub of the ancient Roman Empire, to capital of a reunited Italy in the 19th century through present day. Evidence of its multiple eras and hidden histories are layered beneath its circuitous, scenic streets. Experience everything from the rise of the Roman empire to the crypts of the medieval churches to the artistic techniques of the Renaissance on our Rome guided tours, in the company of archaeologists, historians, artists, and other specialists. La Città Eterna is constantly changing—unearth all of its layers with Context's Rome private tours and small group tours.
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Rome Private Tours and Rome Small Group Tours

We offer a wide range of Rome guided tours, including visits to museums, archaeological sites, and food tours—all led by local scholars and specialists. In addition to the main attractions like the Colosseum and the Vatican, our Rome private guides can also show you the sites less traveled. One of our most popular Rome private tours is our Ostia Antica tour, an excursion to the ancient port of Rome buried by centuries of mud, one of the nation's most compelling archaeological sites. Traveling to Rome with kids? Try our Ancient Rome for Kids Tour and our Vatican for Kids Tour, both of which use interactive activities, scavenger hunts, and games and feature private guides trained in inquiry-based learning to make Rome come alive. Also popular is our Underground Rome Tour, in which we dig under the surface (literally and figuratively) with an archaeologist or speleologist to explore sewers, crypts, and buried temples—featured in National Geographic and on the History Channel.
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Guido was a poor guide. He had a certain script in mind for this Roman Colosseum tour, and was reluctant to deviate from it to meet my interests. 1) He spoke at length, and it was difficult for me to get a word in edgewise. I prefaced too many statements with “I’m sorry to interrupt…..” A good guide knows when to shut up and accept some feedback from his customers. Indeed, he should solicit queries and comments. There were some times when I was obviously trying to ask a question and he just talked over me. 2) He showed zero sensitivity to my preferences and interests. E.g., I wear a yarmulke and it’s obvious I am an Orthodox Jew. As we headed towards the Arch of Titus, which celebrates the Roman defeat of a Jewish revolt in 70 AD and their plundering of sacred vessels from the Temple in Jerusalem, and enslavement of Jews, I told him I’d rather not see it “because I will get pissed off.” A customer cannot possibly be more clear cut and unambiguous. He ignored me and went straight to it and started talking about it. I turned and walked away furious. Maybe because we were wearing masks, he couldn’t tell that I was PISSED OFF and fuming. It ruined my day…I am still upset about it. 3) I asked him about Context’s guided tour of Mussolini’s fascist architecture in the EUR section of Rome. He was unaware Context even provides such a tour. Whoa! You need to make him aware that as a Context guide, he is part of your sales force. He represents your company and his ignorance and indifference about something like this is unacceptable.
Jade was amazing, so much interesting information, going way beyond the Classics to link it also to present day.
Deep knowledge. Enthusiastic. Cheerful and helpful. Comprehensive itinerary