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Sicily private tours

Sicily Tours and Experiences Hosted by Local Experts

With the magnificent Mount Etna and an inescapable ancient Mediterranean landscape, this eternally beautiful island is ripe for discovery.
Centrally located and the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily is unlike anywhere else. Formerly home to Greek, Arab, Norman, Byzantine and Aragonese empires; stepping through the cities of Palermo, Agrigento, and Syracuse impress with their antiquity. From ancient structures scattered throughout the Valley of the Temples to the stunning Mount Etna dominating the Sicilian landscape, it soon becomes apparent how layered this island’s history is. Walking through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Monreale to Palermo’s bustling markets, it’s no wonder time in Sicily seems to flow at its own pace. Allow Context to help you discover the island's endlessly rich history on our Sicily private tours. 

Sicily Private Tours

Interested in exploring Sicily’s multifaceted history? Join our community of Sicily private guides: art historians, archaeologists and local experts, on our signature Sicily private tours. Lasting from three hours to six or more days and designed specifically for private groups, joining Context's Sicily tours will surely leave a remarkable impression on your journey through this stunning part of Italy. Visiting Sicily for the first time? Get acquainted with Palermo’s main sites, history, and neighborhoods with our Introduction to Palermo walk. For a comprehensive view into Sicily through the ages, our Half-Day Agrigento explores some key archaeological sites located in the Valley of the Temples. A bite to eat? We invite you to explore Sicily’s unique and vibrant culinary traditions and volcanic flavors that will entice you to discover the depth and splendor of Sicilian food. Interested in immersing yourself in natural beauty? Try our Mount Etna Sunset Tour to learn about one of Sicily’s most iconic landscapes. Looking for an in-depth examination of Sicily for families? Our Sicily for Families tour is designed to engage young learners about Sicily’s history and culture. 
What Context Sicily Travelers Say
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I generally don’t leave reviews but I must make an exception here to leave a rave review. Alice was exceptional in every respect. She was personable, with stories and insights into being a practicing archaeologist. Her knowledge base is extensive and she conveys it in an interesting mater of fact way that puts all at ease. Her demeanor was friendly and warm. Her response to questions was clear, concise and welcoming. You can have no better guide.
The tour was excellent. Our guide Alice is an amazing scholar and archeologist who could makes us understand the history and development of the Valley of Temples in Agrigento with her passion for knowledge. With the tour one can comprehend everything about the ancient city of Akragas, its history, culture and essence. The tour was we expected and even more!!.
The tour was really amazing. It’s everything you expect and even more, our guide Lucia was so nice and had a lot of knowledge about everything we asked. The guide even could adapt the tour to our interest (mainly Greek archeology) showing a great ability of adaptation to its clients. With this tour one can really comprehend the history of Siracusa, Neapolis and Ortigia, acquiring a great sense of its development throughout ancient times to our days.