Civil War History Tour with Ford's Theatre

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3 hours
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  • Willard Hotel
  • Ford's Theatre
  • National Gallery of Art
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  • This tour provides profound insights into America's past, linking historical events with their modern-day impact in Washington, D.C
  • Immerse yourself in the stories and landmarks that shaped the nation, delving into the stories and landmarks that have defined American history.
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Join an expert guide on an unforgettable journey through the Civil War era in Washington, D.C., the heart of the Union war effort. Your expert guide will discuss the many events of the Civil War, the bloodiest conflict in American history, and connect the past with how it relates to present-day Washington, D.C.

As you make your way to your first stop, your guide will share valuable insights into the history of the area during the time of the Civil War. You will then arrive at Ford's Theatre - visiting the theater is a moving experience, offering a glimpse into the tragic night that President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Visitors can enter the theater and walk up to the balcony where Lincoln was shot. From one perspective to another, you'll follow the exit John Wilkes Booth took after the assassination attempt. You may then have the chance to visit Peterson House, the home where Lincoln was taken after he was shot and ultimately took his last breath.

Following the tour of Ford's Theatre, your expert guide will walk you through the nearby downtown area that served as one of the hubs of the Union War effort. Your tour will include stops at a historic building that housed Union soldiers, tended their wounds, and if they died, prepared their bodies for burial. Your expert guide will wrap up your tour at the National Gallery of Art to view and discuss the Shaw 54th Regiment Memorial, the iconic memorial that honors the first African-American regiment to fight in the Civil War.
  • You're a history buff looking to expand your knowledge of the Civil War and go toe-to-toe with a true expert
  • It's your first time in Washington, D.C., and you are seeking a greater knowledge of American history 
  • You’re a returning visitor and want to deep dive into the importance of this iconic historical event that shaped our nation
  • Ford's Theatre and Museum – a historic site and museum dedicated to the life and legacy of President Abraham Lincoln and the events of his assassination
  • National Gallery of Art – home of the Shaw 54th Regiment Memorial 
  • Includes admission tickets to Ford's Theatre.
    • Upon receiving your order, our team will secure a guide. Once the venue tickets are released, we will purchase them. Our team will be in touch with alternative options if we cannot secure tickets for the date and time you requested. 
General Information
  • You'll begin your tour in the grand lobby of the Willard Hotel, a landmark steeped in history. From there, we'll proceed to the iconic Ford’s Theatre, a site of immense historical significance. Our tour concludes with an inspiring visit to the National Gallery of Art.
Wheelchair accessibility
  • Ford’s Theatre: There are wheelchairs available for rent on-site at no charge on a first-come, first-served basis at the Box Office. A photo ID is required. There is elevator access for each exhibit in the venue. 
  • National Gallery of Art: Visitors may borrow wheelchairs at all entrances on a first-come, first-served basis. All public spaces and facilities are accessible by elevator. 
Service Animals
  • Service animals are welcome. Please let our team know in advance, so we can make arrangements. 
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What does the tour of Ford’s Theatre consist of?  There are four exhibits that are part of a visit to Ford’s Theatre - the Theatre, Museum Peterson House and the Aftermath Exhibits. The tour of the theatre may be a walkthrough guided by the Context guide or it may be a” ranger walk” guided by a Parks ranger from the theatre. 

Is access to all four exhibits at Ford’s Theatre guaranteed? No, not all dates and time slots offer access to all four exhibits. We choose the specific time slots for this tour as they are the ones with a higher chance of access to all four exhibits. We can almost always guarantee entry to the Theatre and Museum, but cannot always guarantee access to Peterson House or the Aftermath Exhibits.
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This was an incredible tour and Iook forward to taking again on my next visit. I loved having Mary Jo, my own personal historian available to answer all my questions and curiousities.
Donald was knowledgeable and enthusiastic and I very much enjoyed the tour!