About Andrea
Andrea is native of Buenos Aires born at a tango and historical immigration area. In her former profession, she worked for almost 18 years with economics for large international companies like the US Embassy, the Interamerican Development Bank , the American Jewish Joint, the Hebrew Institute of Chile. She used to travel a lot with the idea of enjoying and discover the local culture. She traveled around Europe as a backpacker, later on to Israel, besides most of the countries in the Americas including United States, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay, Brasil, Chile, etc and of course all around Argentina. She loves to guide, dance tango and assist to cultural activities. She belong to many communities so she always knows someone in the city ! Her passion is discovering new curiosities about her vibrant home of Buenos Aires City and love to be always updated with the economy and politics. She looks forward to sharing this city and her passion with Context clients, together exploring and sharing stories.
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