San Isidro and Tigre Delta Day Trip from Buenos Aires

Escape the bustle of the city for an idyllic day with private guide and car service
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6 hours
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  • San Isidro Cathedral
  • Puerto de Frutos
  • San Isidro Historic Quarter
  • Tigre Delta
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  • Discover a piece of Argentina outside of Buenos Aires with a private guide and car service
  • Visit a charming town, a local market and take a river boat cruise on this full-day excursion
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Tour Description
Your day begins with a convenient hotel pick-up, after which you will make your way to the charming town of San Isidro. Landing in the historic center, you will stroll through cobblestone streets lined with colonial-era architecture as your expert guide gives you an initiation into the town’s history, from its strategic positioning along the Rio de la Plata to its local fame as a hot spot for Rugby players and fans. You will stop at San Isidro's cathedral, a neo-gothic structure well-known in the region. 

Next, you'll venture to the picturesque Tigre Delta, a labyrinthine network of waterways, islands, and lush vegetation. The area has been described as what Venice might have looked like had a city not been developed there. Popular with Argentineans, you will find yourself surrounded by locals as well as Buenos Aires residents looking to escape the city as well. You will make a memorable stop at the Puerto de Frutos, a favorite market where you can sample an array of fresh, locally grown produce, try an empanada, or perhaps pick up a souvenir to take home.

Finally, your guide will lead you on a scenic ferry boat trip along the river. You will have the opportunity to admire the unique landscapes and tranquil waterways as you learn about the local significance of the area from both a historical and ecological standpoint.

After your river cruise, your guide and driver will accompany you back to the city and you will end your experience with a taste of what Argentina outside of the invisible boundaries of the capital. 
  • You are a first-time visitor and want to extend your Buenos Aires introduction to the surrounding areas
  • You are a returning visitor and are curious to know more about life outside of the city
  • San Isidro-charming colonial area town just outside of Buenos Aires
  • San Isidro Cathedral-Neo-gothic structure well known to Argentineans 
  • Puerto de Frutos-local market offering produce, dried fruits and local crafts
  • Tigre Delta River- an intriguing natural landscape created by one of the largest river deltas in the word. 
Car Service
  • A car will be at your disposal for the entire duration of the tour. 
Wheelchair accessibility
  • Buenos Aires is one of the more wheelchair-accessible cities in South America, and the stops on this tour are no exception. There may be some cobblestone streets to navigate, but this tour can be adapted if necessary. We will need advanced notice if you are someone in your party is using a wheelchair, however, as this tour includes a car service and we will need to secure an accessible vehicle. 
Service Dogs
  • Service dogs can be accommodated on this walk. 
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Can we take public transportation instead of a car service for this tour?
No. We have designed this tour specifically to provide the best experience for visiting each separate stop. Many tourists take a boat to Tigre Delta and then a car back through San Isidro. By using a car service, you will be able to visit San Isidro before other tourists arrive later in the day, and take a river cruise which is more popular with locals. 
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Great tour very personal service, enjoyed it a great deal.
Very knowledgeable and reorganized the tour according. Matthau was also very good