About Antonella
Born and raised in Rome, Antonella has always had a great passion for history and ancient texts. She holds a PhD from La Sapienza University of Rome in Greek and Roman Archaeology and completed her specialization in Classical Archeology at the University of Matera. Antonella has collaborated on research grants with the chair of the Greek and Roman Archeology department at La Sapienza and has taught at the University of Bari. The main focus of her ongoing study and research is the archeology and religion of the Roman and Central/Southern communities, especially the Italic people, with particular interest in the process of acculturation of indigenous peoples. She has participated in numerous excavations and surveys in Rome, Ostia, Pompeii, Molise (ancient Samnium), Lucania (ancient Lucania), Puglia and Sicily. She has participated in projects and directed excavation missions with Italian and foreign universities in Etruria (Caere Project - University of Kingston, Ontario), local sanctuaries of ancient Samnium (Leiden University) and the Roman city of Larinum (Sapienza), Pompeii (Sapienza), Puglia (Sapienza/EU project), Sicily (University of Basilicata), and she has collaborated on a new project for the Magna Grecia exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.
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