About barbara
Hello, my name is Barbara and I am a local guide proud to be Venetian! Born and raised in Venice, I never stop to learn something new about my city, and this may happen every day. . . For example when I change my way and walk along an unknown 'calle' (alleyway) with a curious name! Believe me, it's not an unusual thing for a Venetian too! Think that in Venice there are 400 bridges with 400 different names! But what surprises me more is to discover Venice behind itself, the back side of all that is already seen: the secrets behind the windows and the facades of the palaces, or the legends enclosed in the names of the calli (alleyways), campi (squares) and corti (courtyards). So, join me in this adventure back to the past times, exploring my everyday Venice, and I can customize your Tour following your wishes and curiosities! About my education: after attending a Foreign Languages High School, I graduated from the Venetian University "Ca' Foscari" with a degree in Philosophy (Aesthetics) and, thanks to my studies, my attitude towards Art is different from the usual one. Later, my passion for Art and for my city encouraged me to become a Guide! Credentials - Tour Guide License 243, RA. - Tour Leader License 154, RA. - Member of Guide Turistiche Italiane. - Degree in Philosophy with Honors, Ca' Foscari University of Venice. - Venice Port Security Pass 28721 (Venice Port Authority)
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