About Cecilia
Cecilia is a qualified FISAR Sommelier and a licensed tour leader. She is a native of Venice whose great-grandparents owned one of the most prestigious bars in St Mark’s Square. She is a food enthusiast and passionate about wine. Cecilia studied organic wine in France, receiving a Master's degree in 2012, and worked in the most famous enoteca of Venice for almost three years. She shares her knowledge about food, wine and Venetian culture to help visitors enjoy the city from a different perspective, through a connection of flavors, aromas and stories. Fluent in the Venetian dialect, Cecilia will introduce you to the local farmer at the Rialto Market and show you how to choose fresh fish from her favorite fishmonger. She is proud to be part of the Context team, promoting responsible tourism in one the most beautiful -and definitely the most delicate- cities in the world.
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