About Fabrizio
Fabrizio was born and raised in Rome and received his degree in Archaeology in 2004. His studies focused on the Prehistory and Proto-History of the Middle East and Near East and his dissertation looked at domestic and religious architecture during the 6th 5th millennium B.C., in particular, what architecture can tell us about social structure. He participated in archaeological excavations in southern Italy and in Turkey. He received his Ph.D. in 2010, with a dissertation about domestic architecture in eastern Anatolia (Turkey) in the Early Bronze Age II-III (2700-2100 BC). He followed 2 Master classes in GIS technology (Geographic Informative System) in 2005 and in 2021/22. He has worked as a field archaeologist for the electric company and gas company and in 2010 he obtained the license as a tour guide. Working on building sites gave him a lot of experience about Roman structures. He’s an archaeologist, he's a tour guide (and a martial art teacher too), but most importantly, he's a passionate citizen of Rome!
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