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Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel
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  • Join an immersive experience led by a knowledgeable local expert, a renowned authority in the field of art history. Together, you will uncover the treasures of the Vatican Museums and behold the magnificence of the Sistine Chapel.
  • Context offers unique, personal tours for the intentional traveler. Choose from private tours for just you and your party, or join a small group tour with up to 10 other travelers.
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The Vatican Museums contain roughly 4 miles (7km) of galleries and corridors, displaying a vast array of art that ranges from ancient sculptures to Renaissance paintings – and the famous Sistine Chapel with its renowned ceiling painted by Michelangelo. It would be impossible to explore every space during a single visit. This experience has been thoughtfully designed by local experts, ensuring that you experience a comprehensive journey through the most iconic highlights and hidden gems of the museum's collections. Their knowledge brings life to stone and paint, revealing the layers of history and artistry that permeate these world-famous galleries. 

Stepping into the Vatican Museums after a security queue, you’ll be led through a breathtaking collection of artworks spanning centuries. Your guide's expertise brings to life the art's underlying stories, techniques, and historical figures. 

You’ll typically start with the Pinacoteca, an ideal beginning point that offers an extensive overview of art history from the late medieval to high Renaissance periods. The Pinacoteca's array of paintings and artworks provides a comprehensive introduction to the artistic evolution of these eras. From there, you can choose to explore the Museo Gregoriano Egizio, with its Roman-era Egyptian artifacts, or the Museo Gregoriano Etrusco, showcasing Etruscan and Roman treasures.

The highlight of this experience is the Sistine Chapel. Here, enveloped in the grandeur of Michelangelo’s frescos, you'll learn about the cultural and religious contexts that shaped these masterpieces. Your guide unveils the stories behind the art – the tensions, the techniques, and the towering figures of history that influenced its creation.

As your tour concludes, you'll emerge with a newfound admiration for the masterpieces within the Vatican Museums. The insights provided by your guide will have intricately woven together a rich and colorful tapestry, illuminating the diverse cultural, political, and religious backdrops that gave life to these extraordinary works of art.

Please Note: This tour does NOT include St. Peter's Basilica. If you would like to combine all three iconic sites in a four-hour tour, please consider booking The Complete Vatican Tour with St. Peter's Basilica, Sistine Chapel, and Skip-the-Line Tickets.

If you would like to experience just the Basilica on your tour, we offer a shortened St. Peter's Basilica Tour.  
  • You want to explore the Vatican Museums with a local, specialized guide who can provide in-depth insights, stories, and historical context that go beyond the surface.
  • You prefer a more personalized and enriching experience compared to standard group tours.
  • You value the expertise of a guide who can unravel the secrets of the Vatican Museums, which house a world-class collection of artworks, without feeling lost in the crowds.
Please Note: 
This tour is often coupled with our St. Peter's Basilica Tour a three-hour tour of the Basilica and Treasury Museum. Together they create a more in-depth six-hour experience.
And for families traveling with children under the age of 12, our Vatican Tour For Kids offers a more engaging adventure led by guides who specialize in making the Vatican's wonders accessible to young minds.
  • Vatican Museum - Home to one of the world's most extensive art collections, including ancient sculptures, Renaissance masterpieces, and Egyptian mummies.
  • Sistine Chapel - The iconic ceiling, painted by Michelangelo, contains over 300 figures and took approximately four years to complete. 
Admission Tickets
  • This tour includes advance entry tickets, to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel
  • These tickets allow us to bypass the general admission line. However, there's still a security line, which may involve a wait of up to 20-30 minutes. During this time, your guide will offer an introduction to the Vatican's history.
  • This tour does not enter St. Peter’s Basilica or the Vatican Gardens.
Meeting Point
  • You will meet your Context Expert at a location near the entrance to the Vatican. Further details along with a map will be provided once your booking is confirmed. 
  • Your tour will generally conclude in St. Peter's Square. Once you have exited the Museums, you cannot re-enter without waiting in line and purchasing a new ticket.
Dress Code
  • All guests must adhere to a modest dress code, as we will be touring the Vatican City, a religious and sacred site. Here are the key points to keep in mind:
    • Both men and women should wear clothing that covers their shoulders. This typically means avoiding tank tops, spaghetti straps, and other sleeveless shirts.
    • Skirts, dresses, and shorts should be at least knee-length. This applies to both men and women.
    • Guests are often expected to remove hats or caps when entering the chapel.
    • As there's a lot of walking involved, comfortable shoes are recommended. However, avoid flip-flops and overly casual footwear.
  • Depending on your group size, you may need to wear headsets on the tour. 
  • For more information on planning your tour, take a read through our How to Visit the Vatican Museums resources page.
  • If you are looking to learn more about Rome prior to a visit to the Eternal City, check out our online lectures at Context Learning.


  • Guests with disabilities may be entitled to free entry to the Vatican Museums. 
  • Please contact us to discuss if you qualify, and consult the Vatican Museums website for further information.
Wheelchair accessibility
  • Wheelchairs are available for free on a first-come, first-served basis at the Vatican Museums. Visitors can request a wheelchair at the cloakroom.
  • The Vatican Museums have designed specific routes that are wheelchair accessible. These routes avoid steps and offer lifts and ramps where necessary. However, due to the historical nature of the buildings, some areas might be less accessible than others.
Service Dogs
  • Service dogs are permitted in the Vatican Museums if they have a leash and you can provide a medical certificate. 
  • Please inform us in the “Additional Details” box when booking, so we can coordinate with the Vatican Museums staff.
How crowded are the Vatican sites?
Please be aware that during the summer travel period, the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica can be subject to extremely high levels of visitor traffic. It’s important to anticipate slower movement, limited visibility, and potential restrictions on accessing certain areas due to the density of crowds. Our experienced guides are adept at navigating through these challenging conditions and will strive to optimize your tour experience.

How can I participate in the Papal Audience?
The Pope addresses a general audience every Wednesday at 10 am. You can make reservations by calling the Vatican prefettura at +39 06.69883017. The prefettura also has an official website, which can confirm the dates of the scheduled audiences. Be forewarned that the Papal address creates a “stadium-style” spirituality. It’s not the intimate engagement that people may expect, as hundreds of pilgrims are in attendance within St. Peter’s Square.
How large a bag can I take with me to the Vatican Museum?
The only bags you’re required to check are larger backpacks, like the camping kind. Ordinary ones for everyday use are fine. Carry-on bags are no problem, just nothing like a suitcase. Our advice is to check anything cumbersome or anything that may knock something over.
Can I store my luggage or stroller at the Vatican during my tour?
Before entering the exhibition spaces, visitors are required to leave all luggage, suitcases, large bookbags, packages, or containers considered unsuitable by Vatican staff in the cloakroom. Please be sure that if you check something into the cloakroom, you must pick up your baggage before the end of the business day at the Vatican.
Is photography allowed inside Vatican buildings?
Photography is allowed without flash in all areas except for the Sistine Chapel. There is no photography allowed in the Sistine Chapel. If you see photos others have taken, it’s due to the fact that they’ve ignored the guards and taken photos. We do not recommend this, as we believe in adhering to the rules.
I have purchased the Roma Pass, can I use it on my Context tours?
Roma Passes can not be used for the Vatican. Learn more about skip-the-line tours here.

Can we skip the Vatican Museums and go directly to the Sistine Chapel?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. All guests are required to follow the designated flow of traffic as determined by the Vatican. This route is designed to ensure the safety of all visitors. As such, it's necessary to move through the Vatican Museums to reach the Sistine Chapel.

Can some areas of the Vatican be unexpectedly closed to guests?
Yes, it's important to remember that the Vatican is not only a historic site but also an active place of worship. As such, certain rooms or areas within the Vatican Museums may be closed to the public without prior notice due to religious events or ceremonies.

Why isn't this tour available on Wednesdays?
Since the Papal Audience takes place every Wednesday morning, St. Peter’s Basilica is closed until about 1 pm. Because of this, we don’t schedule anything in the morning. We also stay away from Wednesday afternoons because so many people who attend the audience in the morning go straight to the museums, making it unusually crowded inside. We can schedule something privately on Wednesday afternoon but suggest you pick another day for your comfort and enjoyment.
Why isn't this tour available on Sundays?
The Vatican Museums are typically closed on Sundays, with the exception of the last Sunday of each month when they offer free entry. However, these free-entry Sundays tend to attract extremely large crowds, making it challenging for our guides to lead walking tours safely and effectively.

Does Context offer tours of the Scavi under the Vatican?
No. These are organized by the Vatican itself. You need to email them directly at

Does this tour include the gardens?
No, unfortunately, it’s not possible to visit on one’s own.  It’s a separate admission ticket only available on the Vatican website and only as part of a tour with the Vatican (no one can wander the gardens). You would have to book that yourself for after our tour if you wish to see the gardens.
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Vittorio excellent is the best word for him. He was the the last of 5 tours through Context and ALL were superb!
Cecilia was AMAZING! Her knowledge of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel is Unmatched! Great personality and also very friendly
Priscilla was so knowledgeable and insightful! Definitely a memorable experience!