About Sev
Sev is an Associate Professor of Liturgical Theology at the University of Paris - ITO and a licensed professional Docent and Tour Guide in Rome and the Vatican. Born in the US, he has traveled extensively as his father was a US diplomat. He completed his first Bachelor’s Degree at the USAFA while pursuing a military career as a pilot. After serving, he decided to further his studies in the Humanities, receiving his Master’s and Ph.D in Philosophy and Theology in Paris, where he spent almost six years. Sev moved to Rome in 2003 from Washington, DC and started working as a Tour Guide after receiving his professional license. In over eighteen years of teaching and guiding, Sev has matured an intimate understanding of Rome’s profound historical heritage, which allows him to interpret the archeology and arts in what is indeed one of the most beautiful and amazing cities in the world. Sev continues to fly as a pilot. Other than flying, he loves playing chess, solving puzzles, and finding solutions to challenging problems. He has three sons and three daughters.
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