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$ 422
3 hours
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  • San Nicola in Carcere, Temple of Portunus, Temple of Hercules Victor, and Circus Maximus
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I loved that you sent me the location on the map. Easy to find our starting point. Liz was incredibly knowledgeable and warm and enthusiastic about the city and its past. Being a small group allowed us to ask questions and get answers easily.
Laurie was great! Knowledgeable and thoughtful of the group. First 2 hours were excellent, last hour waned a bit as we got caught up in trying to please the group interests and not getting seeing as much as we could of. Please don’t get me wrong, we would do another tour in a second with Laurie and Context.
it was a great tour...albeit it is was a bit different from what was advertised. Felt we spent more time on temples and the like versus "the daily life of an average Roman". All good, just different from what we expected. Janet was great and fielded all of our questions well.