About Alessandro
Born and raised in Rome, Alessandro has a great passion for art and archaeology and loves to show visitors all the beauties of the Eternal City, from the biggest and most famous monuments to the lesser known and most particular places. Alessandro received a Master's degree in classical archaeology from La Sapienza University of Rome in addition to the 15 years of experience working for art exhibitions in many of the main museums of Rome, such as Palazzo Venezia, Palazzo Barberini, Galleria Spada, Galleria Colonna, Galleria Borghese, Castel S. Angelo, Palazzo Giustiniani, Museo degli Strumenti Musicali, Galleria Corsini, Palazzo Ruspoli, Palazzo Cipolla. This experience gave him the opportunity to expand his background in art history and to collect anecdotes and curiosities bound to the history of many churches, squares, characters and historical figures. Being very passionate about Ancient Greek and Latin languages, which he studied in high school and university, Alessandro likes to point out the origin and the etymology of words and terms that are still in use in the current languages. His guided tours will underline to what extent the life we live today is solidly rooted in the inheritance we get from the past civilizations.
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