About Emanuela
Emanuela is an archaeologist with a degree and PhD in Archaeology and History of Art of the Ancient Near East from the University of Rome. She began studying classical art and architecture, but then her interest was captured by the Roman provinces of the Middle East and the pre-classical cultures of those countries. She has a personal passion for archaeological excavations and she spent many years traveling and working between Italy and the Middle East as member of some Italian archaeological missions in Syria and Iraq. In Italy she worked as a teacher at the Universities of Lecce and Viterbo, and cooperated with the University of Rome and Pisa in studying of ancient near eastern cultures. She worked also as guide in the Luigi Pigorini National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnology (Rome) where she improved her experience with kids of primary school by using inquiry-based learning techniques. She is a licensed tour guide of Rome, the city where she was born, where she lives and that she loves.
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