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About Philip
Philip has been working in Rome as a historical archaeologist for the last twenty five years. Trained as a byzantinist, he has excavated on numerous sites in England, Greece, Cyprus and Italy. During his doctorate at the Sorbonne, he specialized in the material culture of southern Italy during the Middle Ages. His nine hundred page encyclopedia, entitled "Culture Materielle Medievale" has been hailed as a classic in its field, bringing to light hundreds of previously unknown words and terms in medieval Latin and Greek that pertain to everyday household objects and paraphernalia. In the last decade he has started to diversify his historiographical approaches, exploring hypnosis as a possible means of resolving historical and archaeological problems. His most recent (Amazon) publication "The Hypno-Archaeologist" is 650 pages long and comprises scores of hypnotic regressions, where subjects have been taken back in trance to recount their past lives. Philip still spends the greater part of his time writing in Rome's archives, but he now returns regularly to the UK to teach regression to students of clinical hypnosis.
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