About Simona
Simona is a native Roman who completed her degree in archaeology at the Sapienza University of Rome. She obtained her PhD in 2005 with a focus on the study of the topography of ancient Mesopotamian towns. She first arrived in Berlin in 2003 while writing her dissertation, and since then has divided her life between Rome and Berlin. Her interests vary between research activities (excavations, international congresses, and scientific publications) and teaching. In her university years she created a cultural association with some colleagues where she led tours in Rome and abroad, gaining a deep knowledge of archaeology in countries such as Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, and Libya. In 2009 she became a Fellow of the Freie Universitaet in Berlin working on a project focused on the landscape in the Jazirah area (northern Syria) and started to collaborate with the German archaeological team working in Tell Fecheriye. She also developed a great interest for wine studies and in 2003 she earned a diploma as Wine Taster at the AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommelier). Subsequently she organized and led tours with the AIS in Sicily and Piedmont and worked as a wine taster for their wine guidebook. She is currently pursuing a Diploma in Wine and Spirits at the University of Geisenheim (WSET 4).
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