About Gianluca
Gianluca has a degree in History of art and a Masters in Intercultural communication. His specialisation is in Contemporary art but he is also greatly interested in the Renaissance and Baroque art as well as in the history of the great Papal families. He leads tours with a large range of clients: from families and tourists to museum directors, politicians and other VIPs. He is an official guide of several museums and public institutions in Rome such as Palazzo Colonna, Villa Medici, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, National Bank PNB Paribas. His work is focused on making art understandable to visitors from diverse backgrounds. A good story-teller, he links historical facts to the contemporary times. He works in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian. He also trains beginner guides for companies and universities. Originally from Sardinia, Gianluca has been living and working in Rome for 17 years.
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