About Elisa Valeria
Elisa has been in love with Egypt since she was 3 years old, after she visited the British Museum during a family trip. She pursued her passion of the ancient wonders and went on to study archaeology at the university of Rome "La Sapienza", which is regarded in this field as the best faculty in the world, where she attained a MA in Archaeology of the Near East. Her areas of interest are the exchanges between Rome and Egypt in the Imperial Period, with a deep focus on the obelisks. She published her papers on the subject in prestigious catalogs, including one of the most famous exhibitions “The She-Wolf and the Sphinx”. She has been involved in various archaeological excavations at important sites such as the Roman Forum and Ostia, places which she has been leading tours since she became a licensed guide in 2010. Elisa loves to connect her clients with the past and the present of the Eternal City, and her tours are brought to life with her funny anecdotes and deep rooted historical knowledge. Her passion for travel and different cultures is what makes Elisa a truly interactive and engaging tour guide and she will show you there’s a bit of Italy everywhere.
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