About Valentina
Valentina Follo graduated summa cum laude in classical archaeology at University La Sapienza in Rome before pursuing her Master’s in pedagogy of antiquity from the University of Ferrara. She then obtained her Ph.D. in Art & Archaeology of the Mediterranean World from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Valentina has been sharing her infectious passion for and intimate knowledge of the Eternal City for years with American university students in various capacities. In addition to teaching as professor of archaeology, art history and classics, she has created and supervised numerous student internship and exhibition opportunities as curator of the Norton-Van Buren Archaeological Study Collection at the American Academy in Rome. Her publications have focused on early modern, Fascist, and even contemporary appropriation of ancient practices; particularly the reuse, adaptation, and emulation of Greco-Roman institutional, artistic and architectural models. Her research interests also encompass the renascent legislative efforts to protect the cultural patrimony of post-unification Italy with special emphasis on the antiquities market between the U.S. and Italy. Valentina has been the recipient of several research grants and fellowships, including those of the Getty Foundation.
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