About Kendra
Kendra brings her years of experience in both teaching and performance to help create an immersive and engaging tour. Kendra received a B.A. in Ethnicity, Race and Migration from Yale in 2014, and then spent the next few years teaching gardening, nutrition, and culinary history to grades K-12. She has family roots in New York City and was born just an hour away, allowing for frequently trips to see family and friends. These visits helped her to develop a map and history of the city that never sleeps at a young age. Kendra's love of New York shines through all of her anecdotes and tales about the city. She also is a professional performer and will ensure that you are both educated and entertained. Kendra's academic background and diverse experiences give her the ability to contextualize the history and diversity of New York in a way that is accessible to visitors.
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