About Luna
Luna is a passionate professional cook - specializing in culinary training and recipe development - and freelance food consultant. She was born and raised in Italy, but half of her heritage is Filipino and this always made her very curious towards diversity. She brings this trait to her cooking and storytelling as she loves traveling and experimenting with flavors from different countries. In 2013 she earned a Masters degree in Food Culture & Communications at The University of Gastronomic Sciences. She followed Food Events & Education for Eataly’s international locations for 5+ years, before deciding to get her hands dirty and land in the kitchen. Today Luna works as a full-time cook and food consultant, but in 2023 she began her side job as Culinary Instructor, teaching cooking classes and helping spread Italian food culture. Above all, Luna loves sharing food culture, travel storytelling, recipes and new exciting projects with like-minded people!
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