About Mónica
Monica Cruz Guáqueta orginally studied Architecture at the Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia, and later specialized in the history of architecture in Barcelona. She has been living in Barcelona since 2002, when she came to study and fell in love with the city. After 14 years, a Masters degree and a PhD in history of architecture, she has become an expert in Barcelona’s architecture and, of course, Gaudí. She also combines this expertise with the knowledge of the city gained by being a permanent resident, along with her Catalan husband and daughters. She aims to give visitors a feel for what it's like to live in Barcelona and recommend places that you’ll enjoy away from the common tourist circuits. She has a wide knowledge of Catalan Modernism, as she was in charge of the Cátedra Gaudí archive -the most important documentary archive related to Gaudí’s architecture- for 12 years. She holds a Masters Degree from UPC and she is a PhD candidate at the same University. Her dissertation -currently in development- is about domestic interiors and design during the 19th-20th century transition, focused on Barcelona and Paris.
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