About Paolo
Paolo is a Rome-born art historian, poet, photographer and videographer. He obtained his Master's degree in Art History and Literature from La Sapienza University in Rome, and went on to specialize in Art History and Aestethics at the University of Urbino. He has been teaching art history in schools, museums and art associations since 1981, including the St. John University of Minnesota (Rome semester) and the Temple University at Rome. Thanks to his long stays in Norway and Northern Africa, he also speaks Norwegian and French. His long and frequent sojourns abroad have enriched his ideal of a contemplative way of life based on the Latin notion of otium, of a precious cosmopolitan dimension substantiated by curiosity, tolerance and respect of the dignity of man, but also sharpened his awareness of the menace the administrated world is posing to the humanistic culture and its values. His two latest books are both dedicated to the artist to whom he devoted 40 years of attentive study: Michelangelo! The last one is in a bilingual version - Italian/English - and is about the most complex and difficult of his works: last two huge frescoes for the Pauline Chapel in the Vaticans, edited in December 2019 with the title Come in uno Specchio/Through a Glass Darkly.
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