About Tina
Tina was born in Stockholm by an English mother and Swedish father and has lived in the heart of the city since her early teens. She carries a BA in Cultural Studies from the University of Stockholm and is qualified as a guide by the City of Stockholm in English and Swedish. Tina has a passion for the arts and history and long experience of working in the cultural field, promoting, producing, as well as working professionally as a web editor and in marketing and media relations. In 2021 Tina updated her Stockholm history with a course at the University of Stockholm. Tina has recently retired from a two year assignment at the marketing department at the Royal Court of Sweden promoting the Royal Palaces of Sweden. Tina is also passionate about sustainable living and is very happy spending time outdoors any season, preferably walking or using the great public transport system. In her free time she enjoys meeting up with friends and family and keeping up with all that goes on. Tina is a curious person who loves to share her time and passions with visitors to Stockholm.
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